Our values

Along with the system developed and managed in France, ID1 is committed to supporting associations and charities working in favour of medical research and organ donations.

Made in France

All ID1 products are made in France.

Solidarity fund

ID1 donates 1% of its turnover to research and to disabilities.

A social and solidarity commitment[

All ID1 products are assembled by people with disabilities.

‘’ID1 supports associations’’

Every quarter, we select five charities for our clients to choose from. The charities receive a donation from the revenues generated by clients.
Please use this form to describe the work of your association, as well as what you could do with the funds.

If you are selected, we will get in touch with you soon to give you details about the payment of funds.

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At Trans-Forme, we run, swim, jump and ski... but we always end up on our feet again, for ourselves but also for everyone waiting for an organ transplant. We celebrate the success of transplants by showing that physical exercise and sport, in safe conditions under medical supervision, is possible. The enthusiasm and dynamism of people "getting back up on their feet", physically rehabilitated after their illnesses, drew the public to the cause of organ donations.

Dotation Marie Lannelongue

Marie Lannelongue Hospital is a nonprofit organisation managed by the association Marie The MLH is specialised in surgery and treatment on the organs of the thorax (heart, lungs, large blood vessels). It is at the cutting edge of international medical skills. In a context where cuts are being made to public spending, today, only private funding resulting from the generosity of all the public can help the teams at Marie Lannelongue Hospital to continue their work in research and excellence and maintain their top-level surgery.