Association form

ID1 supports associations working for research and disability ! Make an application and join the charities and associations we have selected to receive donations.

How ?
Whenever our clients order an ID1 product, they have to choose the charity for which they want to make a donation.
1 product purchased = 1€ donated

And why not you?
To become a partner, you just need to complete the form below. Our teams will analyse your application on reception !

If you are selected, we will send you free of a charge a complete ID1 kit, and we will ask you to post on your networks to spread the word about us and increase your potential donations.

Les informations recueillies à partir de ce formulaire sont nécessaires à l’instruction de votre demande. Elles sont enregistrées et transmises aux services d’ID1 en charge de son traitement.
En savoir plus sur notre politique d’utilisation des données.

Vous pouvez également contacter notre service clients à l’adresse suivante :