Each year in France, over 12,000 people die due to a lack of medical information, and almost one in every two patients cannot explain their medical history to the emergency services.
The family is often unable to answer the questions asked by the emergency services. Family members might remember some details but are not familiar with the entire medical history of their loved one.
ID1 is a simple solution to deploy, and inexpensive and reassuring for the people involved and their families.

ID1 is a mobile access key. It is simple, fast and safe, and contains emergency medical information about an individual. The emergency services can access the information immediately via a QR code, guaranteeing the victim the best possible care.

ID1 is a reassuring, preventive service that can be a big help for the emergency services.
It boosts your chances of receiving optimum care from the emergency services. ID1 provides access to a large amount of data concerning a victim in the shortest possible time, helping them receive the best adapted care.

The ID1 service is designed for everyone, everywhere: people with a serious illness, elderly or disabled people, people with allergies, children, co-workers in a company, people playing sports... for everyone with serious illnesses or having heavy medical treatment.
ID1 can help everyone in private or professional life, in the event of a health problem or an accident (at home, in traffic or at work).

Three trusted people can be listed on the ID1 profile.
One or more of them are contacted by text message or phone call when your QR Code is scanned by the emergency services.

The emergency services need first of all to identify a victim and to know whom to contact.
Even if you have no health problems, ID1 is still useful. It is important for the emergency services to have information about contraindications, any medicines you might be taking or any allergies so they can take care of you in the best possible way.

The service was created in collaboration with professionals (doctors, ambulance staff and members of the fire service), to meet their needs regarding the issues encountered on the ground when they have no information about a victim.

ID1 helps to safely boost their efficacy and guarantees users optimum care by providing the most adapted diagnosis.

The ID1 service is currently being deployed all over France with all the ambulance services, fire brigades and Civil Protection services able to read the ID1 QR codes using digital devices adapted to their needs.
To find out if your region is already operational, please contact our services.

Most of the time, users themselves complete the form on the ID1.life website or on the mobile application ID1 Life.
The intuitive configurator will guide you step by step.
Users complete the forms themselves and can choose to provide only the information they consider necessary for optimum care.

If users cannot complete the data themselves, ID1 provides a document of consent which will authorise us to complete the form on their behalf.

There are two possible situations :

1- An individual comes to the help of a victim :
It is possible to access the PUBLIC data that the user has chosen to make available by scanning with any QR Code reader (on a mobile phone, for example).
It is strongly recommended to leave some information ""public"", namely, whatever needs to be known by the person helping you (for example, if the person is insulin-dependant, it can explain to the emergency services why the person is unconscious).
PRIVATE data are accessible only when one of three trusted people authorise remote access by replying to the text message they have received or by authenticating the person who is taking care of you and has scanned your ID1 QR code.

2- A first-aid worker or emergency volunteer comes to the help of a victim :
They have personal, digital access (tablet, mobile app or fixed access) enabling them to read all the public and private data directly.

ID1 does not replace the DMP, which was set up by the French Health Service, but it is currently combining with it to expand the available emergency data.

The information on your ID1 profile is made secure in several ways:
1. You only provide the data you wish to share.
2. The ID1 service is certified by the Ministry of Health.
3. The data are not used for commercial purposes (see the law relating to GDPR) and are stored by our web host COREYE.
4. Your public data are accessible to anyone scanning the QR code. Personal information can only be read by a health professional (firefighters, ambulance workers, Civil Protection volunteers) or by a person scanning your QR code if one of your emergency contacts gives the person temporary access to it during an emergency.

The ID1 service is hosted by COREYE on a server certified by the Ministry of Health.
COREYE has a specific authorisation and meets the appropriate security standards required for HDH (Health Data Hosting). It also follows the rules imposed by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

At ID1 we have a strong sense of ethics.
Our internal policy and the strict application of the law will always prevent us from selling your data to any third party.
Your data are confidential and we will make sure they will stay that way.

1. Click on "Subscribe"
2. Follow the instructions using the intuitive configurator.

The subscription gives you access to the ID1 solution for one year.
Your subscription will be renewed by tacit agreement. You can unsubscribe at any time and at the latest 30 days before the annual renewal takes place.
If you leave the ID1 community, you will still continue to benefit from the service free of charge for one month, and then your data will be deleted from our server.

You are concerned about your loved ones' health, and you want to take care of them. Equipping your loved ones with the ID1 solution is an act of caring. So you can take out a subscription for a loved one by completing the essential details in the ""my account"" section. The person concerned will receive an email with a user name and password. After logging in, they will have to choose a new password.
You can also have the user name and password sent to you if you want to give the subscription as a gift.

To use a promotional code, just go to the checkout and complete the "PROMO CODE" field. The reduction will be made automatically.

The firm's representative should subscribe to the ID1 service for his or her staff.
The representative can allocate them one or more ID1 products. Each co-worker can then create and complete their personal profile.

Only medical staff from the organisation can access your data using a specific access that is given to them when the contract is signed with the company.
The company manager and other co-workers have no access to your personal data.

If an employee leaves a company, the company's representative should inform the ID1 services.
ID1 will then give the employee the option of prolonging the subscription.
If the subscription is extended on a personal basis, the applicable price conditions will be the same as for an individual client.

Our service is totally adapted to people confined to their homes. The emergency services are very much in favour, since these individuals are often alone and cannot give the information required in an emergency.
Each contract is adapted to specific needs. Get in touch with our services to discuss our tailor-made offer.

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