ID1-Infos d’urgence equips the International Emergency Fire Department

The ID1 team is proud to equip the NGO International Emergency Firefighters (PUI).

The French humanitarian association is made up of 219 members, 66 women and 153 men.

83% are members of the fire services and 18 work in the health field.

Each member of the team has an ID1 card and wristband, specially created for the specific needs of the team.

“The ID1 QR Code guarantees medical care and permanent tracking all over the world during our dangerous missions”.

The International Emergency Firefighters (PUI) association is certified by the United Nations (UN). Its aim is to help people in countries that are victim to natural disasters.




Key facts:

During an emergency mission, PUI is:

    • A team of 40 rescue workers working in total independence for 10 days
    • Permission to activate the 1st UN coordination centre on site
    • Specialists in rescue, rubble-clearing and logistics
    • Over 5 metric tons of specialised equipment
    • 4 disaster-relief dogs specialised in locating victims under rubble
    • Expertise in collapsed buildings
    • Teams of emergency doctors and nurses
    • A structure for triage and care of the wounded
    • Three drones for exploring areas that are hard to access and for map-making
    • Two drinking water production units


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“Saving lives together”

ID1 serves La Protection Civile

The ID1 team got bigger!

In March, the National Federation of Civic Protection signed an official partnership with the firm based in Limoges.

We are extremely proud that this widely recognised organisation chose us to improve their work in the population.

Jean-François Cueille, national Vice-President and departmental President for Civil Protection in Haute-Vienne (87), explains: “”Why is it primordial for them to use ID1?””

Equipping their volunteers has a double advantage. If there is an incident, it means: you can be identified, your loved ones can be informed and, above all, it helps to guide the triage doctor if you have any health problems. ID1 is also a “”service to volunteers””. It gives them better protection in the event of an accident during their work as volunteers and in their private lives.

Thanks to Mr Cueille and his teams for their feedback.

More details: ID1 partenaire de la PROTECTION CIVILE

“”Saving lives together””

ID1 in 12/45 on M6 : “Take action to save more lives”

This is the aim of the partnership between ID1 and Racer Gloves in creating the motor cycling gloves “”Sprint ID1″” .

Now motor cyclists can ride with peace of mind thanks to a QR Code linking to their emergency data. If an accident occurs, the emergency services can have fast access to the victim’s identity and medical data. This means they can give the best adapted care. 

The public got to see the gloves during the 12/45 show on M6.

The ID1 team would like to thank Dr Lorendeau, director of SAMU 24, for sharing his experience.

We would also like to thank the Périgueux (24) first-aid services, which have been using the ID1 solution for the past 6 months in all their operations.

More details: ID1 on the 12/45 programme on M6 

“”Saving lives together””

The SAMU SMUR 87 equipped with ID1

The ID1 team continues to equip emergency workers!

It is vital for emergency services such as SAMU SMUR 87 to have a ID1 QR code reader during emergency work. The ID1 service gives them rapid access to all a user’s emergency data.

Dr. Dominique Cailloce, a doctor and head of the SAMU SMUR emergency service at Limoges Hospital, gave us a few minutes of his time to talk about the value provided by the service to his department.

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“”Saving lives together””

ID1-Infos d’urgence in intervention with SDIS 24

Made in collaboration with SDIS (Departmental Fire and Emergency Service) 24 in Périgueux. The ID1 team is proud to present the video of its emergency service.

The firemen in Dordogne are used to working fast and effectively with victims, and are now using ID1.
During an emergency operation, the fireman scans the QR Code on the victim’s wristband and has fast access to their medical data. Firemen can also access as much data as possible to provide the best possible treatment.

The ID1 family would particularly like to thank Controller General Colomès who wanted to produce this short film, as well as all the station staff who got involved.

Watch it!

SDIS 24 equippes its firefighters with ID1

SDIS 24 joins the ID1 family!

As part of the SSQVS* national plan, the Controller General, François Colomès, decided to equip his staff with the ID1 device providing them with operational health support.

This is another step forward for our official partnership with the French emergency services. ID1 will help them improve care for users through instant access to reliable information, and also guarantee safe working conditions.

Stay connected: soon a video made with the fire service will be available on our social networks.

More details: ID1 signs a partnership with the French Firefighters Federation.

“”Saving lives together””

SSQVS* = French health, safety and quality of life service

Gloves that save lives on BFM TV!

Two companies are innovating in the care given after accidents to motor bike riders!

In 2017, Sécurité Routière the state traffic safety body in France, revealed that “”43 % of the seriously injured and 22 % of those killed in road accidents were motor cyclists””. And yet, this category of vehicle accounts for only about 2% of road traffic. This is why the “”Racer”” brand and  ID1 got together to develop gloves equipped with the ID1 QR Code. More details: right here

Perhaps you saw them on the television news. The journalist, Pascal Samana, discussed them on the BFM TV news programme on 2 February.

Read the article at a click right here

“”Saving lives together”” 

ID1 in the specialized press

Moto-Station, a magazine dedicated to motor cyclists, published an article on 28 January 2020 about the partnership between Racer 1927 and ID1.

In January, ID1 and the Racer brand came together to form a powerful duo. Their goal is to meet needs in emergencies and to provide rapid access to vital medical data concerning the victim. Moto-station described the partnership as “”a really clever idea””.

Find out more: ID1 is now a partner to Racer

The article gave rise to numerous comments, including one that highlights the problem the ID1 service is designed to meet:
“”Well done, Racer, for including ID1. I am a fireman and very often come across the problem in my work when we have no information about the victim. This system is really brilliant.”” Loulou, comment on “”RACER ID1: THE GLOVE THAT SAVES LIVES””

See: Racer-ID1, the glove that saves lives!

“”Saving lives together””

The partnership between the glover Racer and ID1

New from ID1!

Racer, a French brand specialised in multi-usage gloves has formed a partnership with the company from Limoges. Together, they have created connected motor bike gloves fitted with a QR Code giving access to the motor cyclist’s emergency data and helping to improve the care given by emergency services.


The solution is included in three models of gloves:

Sizes available: from XS to XXL.

Price: €99.95, €139.95 € and €109.95, respectively.


more details on: Good Morning Business  and BFM TV: life-saving gloves

Order yours now: my motor bike gloves!

“”Saving lives together.””

FRANCHEMENT BIEN – A start-up that innovates in Limoges!

A connected medical identity card to help save more lives!

This is described in the article on “Franchement Bien“, a news website.

Many lives could be saved and many medical errors avoided.

This fact lies behind the creation of the ID1 service in Limoges (87).

In her column, Laetitia de Cortanze explained the solution’s goal very well. As well as being a service to help the emergency services, ID1 aim is to be a versatile solution.

It also includes a coordination tool: a digital “”contact notebook”” with a messaging service enables family members to keep track of their loved one’s health in the context of in-home care.

The ID1 team would like to thank her for this article.

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“”Saving lives together””

Winner of “The best digital innovation” at the Silver Show 2019!

ID1, the best in digital innovation!

The 11th Silver Show took place in Paris on 8 October 2019. The themes were “”My health 2022″” and “”The society of longevity””.

The event featured a “”Business Forum”” and an awards ceremony for the most innovative companies, all presented by Marc DUMAS.

On this occasion, the ID1 team was proud to win the trophy for “”Best Digital Innovation””.

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“”Saving lives together”” 


The partnership between the National Federation of French Firefighters and ID1

The ID1 team just got bigger!

At the 126th National Congress, new professional contacts were developed for our brand.

The  FNSPF, the National Federation of French Firefighters , signed a partnership with Céline Bonneau, the founder of the service. They understood the added value in operations both for their fellow

firefighters and all for users. Each year, over 12,000 people die due to a lack of medical data. This fact reveals the real issue involved in accessing reliable data for emergency teams when taking care of a victim.

Following this new partnership, F. Colomès, Controller General of SDIS, equipped his staff, as part of the SSQVS national plan*.

The emergency services can now quickly identify a victim, find out about his or her medical needs and contact his or her loved ones.

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“”Saving lives together””

*SSQVS French health, safety and quality of life service

ID1 in the spotlight at the 5th edition of the MEDEF digital university

On 20 June 2019, at Station F, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux (president of MEDEF), invited a wide range of small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and heads of major corporations working in the digital sector to attend the 5th MEDEF digital university. This year’s theme: the digital transformation of companies and how it works.

The day was organised into three main phases:

    • A general introduction and a speech by the president,
    • A time for exchanges with the participation of Agnès Pannier Runacher, secretary of State at the Ministry of the Economy and Finances. Two big names in the digital world made speeches: Frédéric Mazella founder and president of the BLABLACAR service and Olivier Derrien Managing Director of Salesforce.
    • The day was rounded off by an awards ceremony.


Medef-Siparex gave awards to the most spectacular transformations of companies in five categories:

    • The Strategy category
    • The Talent category
    • Customer Prize
    • Operational Performance Prize
    • The Start-Up Prize was awarded to the ID1 Medical Identification Service created by Céline Bonneau.


This prize was added to the wide range of awards given to the ID1 service.

For more details: it’s right here!

“Saving lives together”

Charles Foix 2019 scholarship finalist

The 2019 Charles Foix Grant was awarded at the Île-de-France Regional Council on Thursday 20 June.

It makes awards for innovations helping to improve the quality of life and independence of seniors and/or their carers, while always focusing on financially accessible breakthroughs.

ID1 reached the finals this year and offers its congratulations to all the prize-winners and all the other candidates!

Watch the video presentation of ID1 for the Charles Fois Grant

ID1-Infos d’urgence rewarded at the French Army Special Forces show

It was with great pleasure that the ID1 team received the much coveted Cercle de l’Arbalète prize! 

At the 4th SOFINS (French Army Special Forces Exhibition) event Céline B. presented her innovation to army representatives, with a focus on QR Code technology. 

The service was spotted by the Cercle de l’Arbalète* during its participation at the CES Las Vegas. (more details about the trade show right here! )

The event took place from 2 to 4 April 2019, at Souge Camp in Gironde, in the presence of:

    • Army Chief of Staff,
    • Five-star General Lecointre,
    • General Command for Special Operations,
    • and GECOS Isnard.

“Thank you for believing in ID1 for the safety of all members of the armed forces who pay a heavy toll in defending the interests of France.”

See the service by clicking right here!

“Saving lives together!”

*Cercle de l’Arbalète is a private association, including all manufacturers working on behalf of the armed forces)

ID1 receives the Euromed Digital Village trophy

Yet another trophy for ID1!

During the 16th Europe-North Africa convention the life-saving service stood out from the rest, winning the Euromed digital village trophy.

The event took place on 15 and 16 February 2019 in Bordeaux. It promotes economic and social cooperation between European countries and the Maghreb. A large number of companies and professional associations on either side of the Mediterranean presented their projects.


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“”Saving lives together””

ID1 presents its project at AgeingFit 2019

AgeingFit is a European event dedicated to innovation linked to the Silver Santé Study. It took place from 29 to 30 January 2019.

The 3rd year of the event focused on “”Innovation in the ageing well sector and care for elderly people””.

During the stay, guests attended conferences on:

    • “The issues for Silver Santé in ageing well”;
    • “Connected objects helping individuals to age well”;
    • “Innovative services and equipment in health facilities”;
    • “Innovation in favour of in-home care.”


ID1 presented its service in the framework of “”in-home care services“”. The service is a way for carers to be informed about the emergency data of their beneficiary. Using the contact notebook, it is also a way to keep track of the user’s care: vital signs, food, washing, etc.

For more details: Click here!


“Saving lives together”

ID1 at the SPP SANTÉ

The Palais des Congrès centre in Bordeaux opened for the 1st Prevention in Health exhibition. It took place on the weekend of 31 January 2019. On the occasion, the organisers welcomed some 100 companies and over 4000 visitors.

The event aimed to bring together players from the market who want to invest in safety and innovation for our health tomorrow.

During the conference, Céline B. met people working in the medical and paramedical sectors. As well as heads of institutions like care homes.
Together, they were able to discuss the service which saves precious time for the emergency services. ID1 gives the ambulance services and fire brigade rapid access to a victim’s emergency medical data. It is also used to identify the person and to inform his or her loved ones. 

For more details: Click here!

© photo:

“”Saving lives together””


ID1 and the American dream!

It was a great pleasure for Céline B. to represent ID1 at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in LAS VEGAS.

The world’s most important trade show for innovation. It was here that we got our first glimpse of the video recorder in 1970 and the Blu-ray disc in 2004. The CES Innovations Awards go to the year’s biggest technological breakthroughs aimed at the general public.

ID1 had the honour of taking part in the 51st event in 2018 and in the 52nd event, represented by a delegation from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The firm was accompanied by three other start-ups from Limousin.
These companies aim to “change the daily life of ordinary people in a wide range of areas, such as health, well-being, data, healthy communities…” according to Alain Rousset, President of the region.

more details: read the article from Le Populaire du Centre

“”Saving lives together”” 

Winner of the Rubans Verts Crédit Agricole

A fruitful ceremony for the brand from Limoges!

The Centre-West Crédit Agricole bank organised the 22nd “”Green Ribbons of Local Development”” event. During the event ID1 was one of the prize-winners, with the “”Green Ribbon for Development Trophy“” in the category “”professional artisans and retailers””.

See her presentation by clicking right here!


“”Saving lives together””

ID1 wins the Préventica innovation award

A new trophy for ID1!

The Préventica Congress 2018 took place in Bordeaux in October. This is the first French trade show dedicated to health and safety at work. It presents all the innovations in the sector.

ID1 stood out through its contribution to risk-prevention and to improving safety conditions at work, helping the company to win the Innovation Prize in the “”first aid“” category. The ID1 service gives the emergency services fast access to essential information about the victim. Precious time is saved and optimised to give the patient the best-adapted care.

more details: Read the article on Préventica

“”Saving lives together””

Bronze winner for the Silver Show

ID1 is one of the best connected solutions!

During the 10th Silver Show event on the theme of business and innovation, Céline Bonneau introduced the company’s life-saving services.

The QR Code ID1 provides the emergency services with fast access to the victim’s emergency medical data. It is also used to identify the person and to contact his or her loved ones.

For this fantastic idea, on 2 October 2018, in Paris, the ID1 team was awarded the bronze medal in the “”service provider”” category, and the sub-category “”best connected solutions””.

For more details: join the community!


“”Saving lives together.””

ID1 elected “useful innovation” project at the E-Tonomy fair

A great project receives another award.

At the 2nd E-Tonomy trade fair, ID1 was voted the top useful innovation project. The event took place on 11 October 2018, at the Mureaux Campus in Yvelines. It rewards innovations improving the daily lives of people with disabilities and/or who are losing their independence.

ID1 was awarded the “”Innovation”” trophy for its contribution to individual autonomy. With a QR Code, users can be cared for quickly by the emergency services. ID1 also helps to provide a telehealth service using data that can be read by health professionals on a dedicated application. 


Céline Bonneau at the E-TONOMY awards ceremony

For more details: Read this

“”Saving lives together””

Exhibition of the ID1 device at the Vivatech Exhibition

The Parc des Expositions exhibition centre at Porte de Versailles opened to the public from 24 to 26 May 2018. It hosted the 3rd Viva Technology trade show.

Over 8,000 start-ups and 80,000 visitors attended! With virtual reality objects, e-sport tournaments, self-driving cars… ID1 made its mark during the trade show!

The digital innovation event is a place to meet for a wide range of technology players. It was set up by Maurice Lévy from the Publicis group and by Francis Morel from the Les Échos group.

Céline Bonneau presented her company’s services to health professionals.

In practical terms, ID1 is a solution making available all the essential data of a victim during an emergency. The emergency services just need to scan a QR Code to identify the user, read his or her medical history and see the list of people to contact in an emergency.

See the service by clicking right here!

“Saving lives together” 

The ID1 team finalist at the Silver Night!

ID1 finalists in the category “Help for Helpers”!

The 10th Silver Night took place on 29 March 2018 at the Grand Rex, Paris. The trade show highlights the best solutions for enhancing the daily lives of elderly people and to hand out awards!

During this event, the ID1 team introduced its service.

The ID1 QR Code identifies a victim, gives access to vital medical data and informs the victim’s loved ones. What’s more, the “digital contact notebook” feature gives carers information about in-home interventions.

The ID1 team would like to thank all the award-winners this year and all the other nominated candidates.

Find out more: right here! 

“Saving lives together”

These celebrities who adopted ID1

It was a great pleasure for ID1 to pose for the camera alongside the celebrities!

At the evening event, organised by Cosmo Connected, stars including Patrick Bouchitey, Gérald Dahan, Yves Renier and Jean-Pierre Castaldi were proud to place our services in the spotlight.

The team would like to thank them for their support.

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The startup that makes French Tech proud!

The ID1 team joins the French Tech programme! 

Céline Bonneau, the ID1 representative, had the pleasure of being among five start-ups chosen for the 1st year of the ALIPTIC and Limoges Métropole accelerator.

These three months were very valuable for the new entrepreneur. She received precious advice from a mentor who guided her throughout the training. What’s more, the course gave her deeper knowledge in management, economic models and human resources.

more details: the popular article “”Hitting the accelerator”” for French Tech in Limoges

“Saving lives together”

ID1, Winner of the Business Trophies!

The ID1 emergency information team was one of the five winners of the Company Trophies category, in the Start-Up category!

For the first Company Trophies event Céline Bonneau stood out during the final Start-up “”Battle”” in front of some 500 invited guests.

To find out more about the evening event: All the details!

I want to know more about the product: Get a free trial!


One more trophy for ID1-Emergency Info!

ID1 is proud to have won the Turgot Medallion for innovation and development.

The Carnot and Turgot Committee has been celebrating the main players in the region formerly known as Limousin. During the ceremony, the committee congratulated ID1 for its service helping to improve the care given by the emergency services.

The solution enables emergency teams to give the best adapted treatment. This is because it gives access to: your identity, your medical data (history, allergies, ongoing treatment, etc.) and the people to contact in an emergency

The information can be read by the emergency services through a specially dedicated access.


more details on: discovering ID1 emergency information!

“Saving lives together”

A world champion chooses ID1-Emergency Info!

Laurent Brochard, the famous road racing world champion has adopted the ID1 medical QR Code.

A stage winner in the Tour de France and the Vuelta, he decided to help improve the care given by the emergency services in the event of an accident.

With his Sport ID1 identification wristband, he will be able to share essential information with the emergency services: his identity, medical data and also the people to contact.

more details on: protecting myself!

“Saving lives together”

Renowned cyclist adopts ID1-Emergency Info

Bernard Hinault has chosen the ID1 QR Code to help in an emergency situation!

The famous French cyclist long dominated the sport. He won the Tour de France five times, the Giro three times and the Vuelta twice.

He always takes care of his health, so the ID1 emergency information service on his mobile application gives the emergency services access to his medical details. The emergency services can take care of him quickly, with medical information updated every day.

more details on: discovering ID1!

“Saving lives together”

Richard Virenque uses ID1-Emergency Info!

The ID1 team is proud to equip the famous French cyclist, Richard Virenque.

Seven times he won the polka-dot jersey as the top climber on the Tour de France.

To help the emergency services in the event of an accident during his races, he adopted an identification wristband. It enables him to share essential information to the people coming to his assistance.

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“Saving lives together”

ID1 on the Tour de France 2017!

The ID1 team would like to thank Christian Prudhomme and the Tour de France staff for their warm welcome.

Because a simple ID1 medical QR Code on your helmet can save a life. The service helps to improve the care given by the emergency services during your rides. It gives them access to your identity, your medical data and the names of the people to contact in an emergency.
As individuals or health professionals, we can all find ourselves in a situation where someone needs our help.

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“Saving lives together”