ID1 in 12/45 on M6 : “Take action to save more lives”

This is the aim of the partnership between ID1 and Racer Gloves in creating the motor cycling gloves “”Sprint ID1″” .

Now motor cyclists can ride with peace of mind thanks to a QR Code linking to their emergency data. If an accident occurs, the emergency services can have fast access to the victim’s identity and medical data. This means they can give the best adapted care. 

The public got to see the gloves during the 12/45 show on M6.

The ID1 team would like to thank Dr Lorendeau, director of SAMU 24, for sharing his experience.

We would also like to thank the Périgueux (24) first-aid services, which have been using the ID1 solution for the past 6 months in all their operations.

More details: ID1 on the 12/45 programme on M6 

“”Saving lives together””

ID1-Infos d’urgence in intervention with SDIS 24

Made in collaboration with SDIS (Departmental Fire and Emergency Service) 24 in Périgueux. The ID1 team is proud to present the video of its emergency service.

The firemen in Dordogne are used to working fast and effectively with victims, and are now using ID1.
During an emergency operation, the fireman scans the QR Code on the victim’s wristband and has fast access to their medical data. Firemen can also access as much data as possible to provide the best possible treatment.

The ID1 family would particularly like to thank Controller General Colomès who wanted to produce this short film, as well as all the station staff who got involved.

Watch it!

Gloves that save lives on BFM TV!

Two companies are innovating in the care given after accidents to motor bike riders!

In 2017, Sécurité Routière the state traffic safety body in France, revealed that “”43 % of the seriously injured and 22 % of those killed in road accidents were motor cyclists””. And yet, this category of vehicle accounts for only about 2% of road traffic. This is why the “”Racer”” brand and  ID1 got together to develop gloves equipped with the ID1 QR Code. More details: right here

Perhaps you saw them on the television news. The journalist, Pascal Samana, discussed them on the BFM TV news programme on 2 February.

Read the article at a click right here

“”Saving lives together”” 

FRANCHEMENT BIEN – A start-up that innovates in Limoges!

A connected medical identity card to help save more lives!

This is described in the article on “Franchement Bien“, a news website.

Many lives could be saved and many medical errors avoided.

This fact lies behind the creation of the ID1 service in Limoges (87).

In her column, Laetitia de Cortanze explained the solution’s goal very well. As well as being a service to help the emergency services, ID1 aim is to be a versatile solution.

It also includes a coordination tool: a digital “”contact notebook”” with a messaging service enables family members to keep track of their loved one’s health in the context of in-home care.

The ID1 team would like to thank her for this article.

Sign up for the service: right here! 

“”Saving lives together””