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ID1 for individuals

Manage your medical file, as well as your family’s on the same account and improve your care path.

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À Trans-Forme, on court, on nage, on saute, on skie, … mais on finit toujours par se relever, pour soi, mais aussi pour tous ceux qui attendent une greffe, pour témoigner de la réussite de la transplantation en montrant que l'activité physique ou sportive, pratiquée en toute sécurité sous contrôle médical, est possible. L'enthousiasme et le dynamisme de " l'homme debout ", réhabilité physiquement après sa maladie, rallie le public à la cause du don d'organes.

Fonds de Dotation Marie Lannelongue

L'Hôpital Marie Lannelongue, est un établissement à but non lucratif géré par l’association loi 1901 Marie Lannelongue. Spécialisé dans la chirurgie et l’intervention sur les organes thoraciques (cœurs, poumons, gros vaisseaux,…), l'HML atteint les plus hauts niveaux de compétence internationale. Dans un contexte de réduction des subventions publiques, aujourd’hui, seul des fonds privés issus de la générosité de tous permettront aux équipes de l’Hôpital Marie Lannelongue de poursuivre leurs activités de Recherche et d’Excellence pour maintenir une chirurgie de pointe.

Frequently asked questions

ID1 is intended for anyone wishing to take charge of their health, either in the event of a vital emergency (sudden health accident) for people at risk, or to optimize and better coordinate the path of care for the frail.

People at risk are those who travel or are at risk of accident.

Fragile people are people who have severe illnesses and require many stakeholders to maintain their health.

We also think about the elderly, people with chronic diseases, people affected by cancer … and of course people with disabilities, but also at-risk workers and athletes.

Several cases are possible:
1 / Health and safety at work: it is the user who fills his own profile and his data is accessible only by the emergency services via identifiers of their own.
2/ Market of the silver economy: in general it is the head of the home service company who fills the profile in relation to the person and/ or his family or his carers. As part of the liaison book, it is the employees authorized by the head of the home service company, who record their actions throughout the day.

3 / Market of the tele-assistants: it is the family or the caregiver in connection with the user and / or the doctors who fill in the data but any intervenant can also integrate information according to the rights granted to him (homme help, nurse, doctor, caregiver…)

You have to create your profile on and enter the ID and PIN codes appearing on your product.
To do so you must click on “register” then you can complete your profile with the information you wish to share in case of necessity.

You can scan prescriptions with your smartphone to keep a visual of them. You will simply be asked to name it and to date it to operate the reminder that will warn you to renew and prioritize documents during an emergency access for example.

You can also choose to manually register your medications by name so that they can translate into their foreign equivalency if you are travelling.

Updates are done by accessing your account and going to edit the desired data.

However, if a prescription needs to be renewed, the user receives an email alert one month, two weeks and one week before the deadline.

In the case of a prescription not renewed, in the urgency, help can consult it but it is clearly specified that it is no longer valid. However, they have information about the latest treatments taken by the user.

The user will also receive reminders about his vaccines if he has entered this part in his profile.

Once your account is created on ID1, you can create and manage up to 5 family members with a Premium account.

ID1 has been designed to be very intuitive and easy to use.

Your loved ones can help you fill out your ID1 information. Thus you will have one of our products with all of your information previously saved with your loved ones. It is not because you do not master the technology that you can not use it. In addition, it will reassure your loved ones if you have health problems or a chronic illness.

QR Code means “QuickResponse”, it is like a bar code.
Thanks to this you can quickly access your information by using a free app, downloadable on Smartphone (we recommend you use Neo Reader).

The ambulance service, firefighters and all first aid structures have been informed of the existence of our solution since our QR codes are accessible only by personal codes that have been provided to them

ID1 was developed with a view to providing them with help and we based their experiences on the ground. We propose an emergency profile in line with their needs during an intervention. We follow their MHTA protocol (illness, hospitalization, treatments and antecedents) hence the importance of filling out your medical file.

However ID1 being a recent innovation, its knowledge and its handling are done in a progressive but certain way.

The platform was created with the help of professionals (nurses, doctors, ambulance service, firefighters, personal services companies) in order to respond to a real need in relation to their problem on the ground when they encounter a victim without any information.

ID1 allows them to gain in efficiency and safety, and it guarantees the user optimal care while limiting the risk of a medical error as much as possible.

Only the emergency services (ambulance service, firefighters, rescue workers, paramedics …) have access to your data.

The information you wanted to make public will be visible. On the other hand, the data recorded in PRIVATE mode will only be visible and accessible by the emergency services.

Our website has been created in HTTPS, this means that your data are encrypted and so secured. You are the only person able to modify the data. You can also choose which data is made public or kept confidential.
Only the personal information that you want to make accessible for your security will be visible. All information relating to medical monitoring is protected, confidential and stored on a dedicated server at a host approved by the Ministry of Health.

Each profile integrates the picture of the person. This must allow the helpers to make the connection. Moreover they will be able to contact a relative to have access to the complete file, and thus to ask him for additional information if it is necessary.

You are not obligated to pay for a subscription, this depends on the services you choose. the basic subscription is free.
The basic subscription is free.

You can use your credit card to pay for any package or product. Payments by cheque are not offered. If you need more information access our online contact form


Are you looking for an original and useful gift? The ID1 products offer a strong value for your business because the gift is linked to health. Customisable with your logo from 500 pieces, we will be able to advise you and give you an attractive offer.
Do not hesitate to ask us.

No problem ! You just need to access your account and delete the product involved. If you find it, you can register it again on to your profile.