Discover the different applications in the ID1 service in our news and press review.


ID1-Infos d’urgence equips the International Emergency Fire Department

The ID1 team is proud to equip the NGO International Emergency Firefighters (PUI). The French humanitarian association is made up […]

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ID1 serves La Protection Civile

The ID1 team got bigger! In March, the National Federation of Civic Protection signed an official partnership with the firm […]

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ID1 in 12/45 on M6 : “Take action to save more lives”

This is the aim of the partnership between ID1 and Racer Gloves in creating the motor cycling gloves “”Sprint ID1″” […]

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The SAMU SMUR 87 equipped with ID1

The ID1 team continues to equip emergency workers! It is vital for emergency services such as SAMU SMUR 87 to […]

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ID1-Infos d’urgence in intervention with SDIS 24

Made in collaboration with SDIS (Departmental Fire and Emergency Service) 24 in Périgueux. The ID1 team is proud to present […]

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SDIS 24 equippes its firefighters with ID1

SDIS 24 joins the ID1 family! As part of the SSQVS* national plan, the Controller General, François Colomès, decided to ‘equip his […]

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Gloves that save lives on BFM TV!

Two companies are innovating in the care given after accidents to motor bike riders! In 2017, Sécurité Routière the state […]

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ID1 in the specialized press

Moto-Station, a magazine dedicated to motor cyclists, published an article on 28 January 2020 about the partnership between Racer 1927 […]

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The partnership between the glover Racer and ID1

New from ID1! Racer, a French brand specialised in multi-usage gloves has formed a partnership with the company from Limoges. […]

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FRANCHEMENT BIEN – A start-up that innovates in Limoges!

A connected medical identity card to help save more lives! This is described in the article on “Franchement Bien“, a […]

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Winner of “The best digital innovation” at the Silver Show 2019!

ID1, the best in digital innovation! The 11th Silver Show took place in Paris on 8 October 2019. The themes […]

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identification-santé-sécurité-urgences-QR-code-urgentistes-fédération nationale-signature-partenariats-pompiers-services de secours

The partnership between the National Federation of French Firefighters and ID1

The ID1 team just got bigger! At the 126th National Congress, new professional contacts were developed for our brand. The […]

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ID1 in the spotlight at the 5th edition of the MEDEF digital university

On 20 June 2019, at Station F, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux (president of MEDEF), invited a wide range of small […]

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Charles Foix 2019 scholarship finalist

The 2019 Charles Foix Grant was awarded at the Île-de-France Regional Council on Thursday 20 June. It makes awards for […]

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ID1-Infos d’urgence rewarded at the French Army Special Forces show

It was with great pleasure that the ID1 team received the much coveted Cercle de l’Arbalète prize!  At the 4th […]

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ID1 receives the Euromed Digital Village trophy

Yet another trophy for ID1! During the 16th Europe-North Africa convention the life-saving service stood out from the rest, winning […]

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ID1 presents its project at AgeingFit 2019

AgeingFit is a European event dedicated to innovation linked to the Silver Santé Study. It took place from 29 to […]

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identification-santé-sécurité-urgences-QR-code-récompense- dispositif-spp-salons-conférence

ID1 at the SPP SANTÉ

The Palais des Congrès centre in Bordeaux opened for the 1st Prevention in Health exhibition. It took place on the […]

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ID1 and the American dream! It was a great pleasure for Céline B. to represent ID1 at the CES (Consumer […]

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Winner of the Rubans Verts Crédit Agricole

A fruitful ceremony for the brand from Limoges! The Centre-West Crédit Agricole bank organised the 22nd “”Green Ribbons of Local […]

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ID1 wins the Préventica innovation award

A new trophy for ID1! The Préventica Congress 2018 took place in Bordeaux in October. This is the first French […]

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Bronze winner for the Silver Show

ID1 is one of the best connected solutions! During the 10th Silver Show event on the theme of business and […]

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ID1 elected “useful innovation” project at the E-Tonomy fair

A great project receives another award. At the 2nd E-Tonomy trade fair, ID1 was voted the top useful innovation project. […]

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Exhibition of the ID1 device at the Vivatech Exhibition

The Parc des Expositions exhibition centre at Porte de Versailles opened to the public from 24 to 26 May 2018. […]

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The ID1 team finalist at the Silver Night!

ID1 finalists in the category “Help for Helpers”! The 10th Silver Night took place on 29 March 2018 at the […]

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These celebrities who adopted ID1

It was a great pleasure for ID1 to pose for the camera alongside the celebrities! At the evening event, organised […]

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The startup that makes French Tech proud!

The ID1 team joins the French Tech programme!  Céline Bonneau, the ID1 representative, had the pleasure of being among five start-ups […]

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ID1, Winner of the Business Trophies!

The ID1 emergency information team was one of the five winners of the Company Trophies category, in the Start-Up category! […]

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One more trophy for ID1-Emergency Info!

ID1 is proud to have won the Turgot Medallion for innovation and development. The Carnot and Turgot Committee has been […]

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identification-santé-sécurité-urgences-QR-code-récompense- dispositif-cyscliste-laurent-brochard

A world champion chooses ID1-Emergency Info!

Laurent Brochard, the famous road racing world champion has adopted the ID1 medical QR Code. A stage winner in the […]

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identification-santé-sécurité-urgences-QR-code-récompense- dispositif-cyscliste-bernart-Hinault

Renowned cyclist adopts ID1-Emergency Info

Bernard Hinault has chosen the ID1 QR Code to help in an emergency situation! The famous French cyclist long dominated […]

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identification-santé-sécurité-urgences-QR-code-récompense- dispositif-cyscliste-virenque-richard

Richard Virenque uses ID1-Emergency Info!

The ID1 team is proud to equip the famous French cyclist, Richard Virenque. Seven times he won the polka-dot jersey […]

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identification-santé-sécurité-urgences-QR-code-urgentistes-tour de france-Prudhomme

ID1 on the Tour de France 2017!

The ID1 team would like to thank Christian Prudhomme and the Tour de France staff for their warm welcome. Because […]

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