ID1-Infos d’urgence equips the International Emergency Fire Department

The ID1 team is proud to equip the NGO International Emergency Firefighters (PUI).

The French humanitarian association is made up of 219 members, 66 women and 153 men.

83% are members of the fire services and 18 work in the health field.

Each member of the team has an ID1 card and wristband, specially created for the specific needs of the team.

“The ID1 QR Code guarantees medical care and permanent tracking all over the world during our dangerous missions”.

The International Emergency Firefighters (PUI) association is certified by the United Nations (UN). Its aim is to help people in countries that are victim to natural disasters.




Key facts:

During an emergency mission, PUI is:

    • A team of 40 rescue workers working in total independence for 10 days
    • Permission to activate the 1st UN coordination centre on site
    • Specialists in rescue, rubble-clearing and logistics
    • Over 5 metric tons of specialised equipment
    • 4 disaster-relief dogs specialised in locating victims under rubble
    • Expertise in collapsed buildings
    • Teams of emergency doctors and nurses
    • A structure for triage and care of the wounded
    • Three drones for exploring areas that are hard to access and for map-making
    • Two drinking water production units


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“Saving lives together”