ID1 serves La Protection Civile

The ID1 team got bigger!

In March, the National Federation of Civic Protection signed an official partnership with the firm based in Limoges.

We are extremely proud that this widely recognised organisation chose us to improve their work in the population.

Jean-François Cueille, national Vice-President and departmental President for Civil Protection in Haute-Vienne (87), explains: “”Why is it primordial for them to use ID1?””

Equipping their volunteers has a double advantage. If there is an incident, it means: you can be identified, your loved ones can be informed and, above all, it helps to guide the triage doctor if you have any health problems. ID1 is also a “”service to volunteers””. It gives them better protection in the event of an accident during their work as volunteers and in their private lives.

Thanks to Mr Cueille and his teams for their feedback.

More details: ID1 partenaire de la PROTECTION CIVILE

“”Saving lives together””