ID1 in 12/45 on M6 : “Take action to save more lives”

This is the aim of the partnership between ID1 and Racer Gloves in creating the motor cycling gloves “”Sprint ID1″” .

Now motor cyclists can ride with peace of mind thanks to a QR Code linking to their emergency data. If an accident occurs, the emergency services can have fast access to the victim’s identity and medical data. This means they can give the best adapted care. 

The public got to see the gloves during the 12/45 show on M6.

The ID1 team would like to thank Dr Lorendeau, director of SAMU 24, for sharing his experience.

We would also like to thank the Périgueux (24) first-aid services, which have been using the ID1 solution for the past 6 months in all their operations.

More details: ID1 on the 12/45 programme on M6 

“”Saving lives together””