ID1 in the specialized press

Moto-Station, a magazine dedicated to motor cyclists, published an article on 28 January 2020 about the partnership between Racer 1927 and ID1.

In January, ID1 and the Racer brand came together to form a powerful duo. Their goal is to meet needs in emergencies and to provide rapid access to vital medical data concerning the victim. Moto-station described the partnership as “”a really clever idea””.

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The article gave rise to numerous comments, including one that highlights the problem the ID1 service is designed to meet:
“”Well done, Racer, for including ID1. I am a fireman and very often come across the problem in my work when we have no information about the victim. This system is really brilliant.”” Loulou, comment on “”RACER ID1: THE GLOVE THAT SAVES LIVES””

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“”Saving lives together””