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The partnership between the National Federation of French Firefighters and ID1

The ID1 team just got bigger!

At the 126th National Congress, new professional contacts were developed for our brand.

The  FNSPF, the National Federation of French Firefighters , signed a partnership with Céline Bonneau, the founder of the service. They understood the added value in operations both for their fellow

firefighters and all for users. Each year, over 12,000 people die due to a lack of medical data. This fact reveals the real issue involved in accessing reliable data for emergency teams when taking care of a victim.

Following this new partnership, F. Colomès, Controller General of SDIS, equipped his staff, as part of the SSQVS national plan*.

The emergency services can now quickly identify a victim, find out about his or her medical needs and contact his or her loved ones.

Get equipped too: sign up for ID1!

“”Saving lives together””

*SSQVS French health, safety and quality of life service