Exhibition of the ID1 device at the Vivatech Exhibition

The Parc des Expositions exhibition centre at Porte de Versailles opened to the public from 24 to 26 May 2018. It hosted the 3rd Viva Technology trade show.

Over 8,000 start-ups and 80,000 visitors attended! With virtual reality objects, e-sport tournaments, self-driving cars… ID1 made its mark during the trade show!

The digital innovation event is a place to meet for a wide range of technology players. It was set up by Maurice Lévy from the Publicis group and by Francis Morel from the Les Échos group.

Céline Bonneau presented her company’s services to health professionals.

In practical terms, ID1 is a solution making available all the essential data of a victim during an emergency. The emergency services just need to scan a QR Code to identify the user, read his or her medical history and see the list of people to contact in an emergency.

See the service by clicking right here!

“Saving lives together”